1-1 Mentorship With Sofiah Thom

Welcome, Sister

Please take a deep breath and connect to your womb and heart as you complete this application and say YES to support.

This Application will help me determine how to best support you in Living Your YES through private 1-1 Mentorship with Sofiah Thom, which includes:

  • A 2-hour deep dive embodiment journey with Sofiah Thom held via Zoom that will support you in birthing the next level of yourself and start your work together.

  • Followed by two biweekly 60-minute calls each month for a minimum of three months (6 one-hour calls total)

  • Up to one hour a week of intimate Voxer support between calls to ask questions and get guidance as you integrate.

  • Access to specific practices and additional resources to help guide and support you in integrating this profound work into your everyday life.

Investment for this support starts at $2,222 USD per month or $6,000 USD paid in full for the entire 3-month experience. Clients may choose to re-enroll after the initial 3 months is complete.

Please take your time to answer each question below as thoroughly as possible from your soul's most profound truth.



What Clients Have To Say about Private Mentorship

"I was wanting to access the wildness and rawness within me and I broke through the block that was keeping me from being fully expressed through this session"

Jocelyn Star Feather

Entrepreneurial Coach & Founder of Sacred Planet

"She was able to bring me into the depth of my potential and embody those pieces in my day-to-day that's amplified my entire life, offers, and business."

Nikola Melia

Embodiment Coach & Visionary Leader

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